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Mike was awesome! My fridge was down and he came out same day, got the job done really fast and was super friendly during the whole process. This place is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

— Rodell B.

Absolutely top-notch service. they came on very short notice during a busy service...identified the problem and had it fixed in a jiffy.

— Liz R.

Service is solid and easy to work with. I've tried a handful of HVAC in the same area and the best experience was with this company.

— Zachary B.

Hamish is constipated, he's spewing water everywhere, OHHH NOOO! So went the alarm when our Scotsman brand ice machine started blowing water instead of chunks ... of ice.

Claddagh responded quickly to our request to fix poor Hamish today. We had been waiting for over two weeks for another repair company with cruddy customer service to respond. Claddagh, on the other hand, came when they said they would, and didn't even get too lost in the building. The polite repairman quickly got to the root of the problem and even had a bit of an Irish accent (I wish he had been a Scotsman for irony's sake but, alas) anyway, painless! hurray!

Hamish is now having regular, healthy movements.

— Elena S.